Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Starbucks In A Funeral Home?

You heard it right there is a Starbucks opening in a funeral home in Easley, South Carolina in August.
At first it sound more than macabre, it sounds plain wrong.

But when you hear the owner's plan it just sounds slightly less macabre.  It's just weird.  But the Funeral Home has always had coffee service and started as part of a General Store.  So the locals are used to getting coffee there.

A new expansion of the facility will contain the Coffee Corner with the city's first Starbucks inside.  It is a real Starbucks franchise but there won't be any signage like the rest of the world is used to.  But there will be a staff and a side entrance so the mourners won't get confused with the morners in search of coffee.

It is still very weird if you ask me.  Find out more about the story.

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